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Services for your Home & Life

Off-Season and Year-Round Home Watch
Single Family Houses off-season weekly (10 mo.) $1,200
Year-round $1,800
Condominiums off-season weekly (10 mo.) $2,000
Year-round $3,000
Remodeling, Renovations and Repairs
Labor $30/hour
Materials Cost + 20%
Subcontractors Direct Bill, or
Cost + 10%

Driving (Airports or Errands)
Buffalo $150
Erie $100
Cleveland $250
Pittsburgh $250
Jamestown $50
Jamestown $50
Toronto $350 US
Wait Time First Half Hour Free
Per Hour after 1st Half Hour $15
Prices are per trip. Up to and Including 3 Passengers. These prices are all inclusive.
There is a $25 surcharge for trips if we pick you up or drop you off between midnight and 6 a.m.

Sewing $25/hour
Cat Sitting/Dog Walking $25/day
Project Management Please Call
Baking Please Call
Brasted House Granola $12/lb. plus shipping
Home Organization $30/hour

References are available upon request.