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Home Renovation, Remodeling and Repairs

Brasted House Creative Ideas has experience in all types of home remodeling, renovation and repair. We are expecially attuned to the needs of the older homes at Chautauqua. We are always willing to talk to home owners about their homes and what they can do to keep them in an original yet modern and livable condition. The homes at Chautauqua require special care and attention to detail to allow them to remain in good condition for the next 100 years.

We have worked on many older homes here and feel a real kinship to the people who originally built them. It is our belief that these homes will go well into this next century if properly cared for. We would love to have the opportunity to work with you to preserve your home for future generations of Chautauqua families.

Brasted House has relationships with the very best subcontractors needed to preserve your home. We use them exclusively and have for many years. This provides us with the ability to call on them as needed because of this relationship. All of them have long experience at Chautauqua and share our love of and belief in the integrity of the older homes at Chautauqua. Of course they, as well as Brasted House Creative Ideas, are fully insured for yours and your home's protection and peace of mind.

Sometimes the hardest service to find at Chautauqua is someone who can do small or medium sized repairs to your home. It seems that most contractors and builders are too big to be bothered with small jobs. Brasted House is always available to do those small repairs that seem to pile up. We can do them as they arise for you while you are here, or, as some our clients do, you can leave us a list to complete in the off-season so they are done when you return. Either way your problem is solved.

The last thing you should know about us is that we do not accept work we feel we are not suited for. We know our limitations and what we are good at. There are going to be jobs that are just not up our alley. Fortunately we almost aways know who to recommend as the right person for the job and happy to help out in that way.